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Last updated: 05.October 2001

www.sap.com/technology is principle source of information.

Online help (release 6.20)

www.asug.com is the US user group with it's own dedicated workgroup for SAP WebFlow.

www.dsag.de is the German user group, also with it's own dedicated workgroup for SAP WebFlow.

WebFlow Inc (an SAP partner company, no relation to the SAP Product)  generously provides an archive of the MIT SAP WebFlow forum. See useful Notes in the FAQ for details on how to join.

Description of Wf-XML integration between different workflow vendor's products.

www.intelligenterp.com contains excellent workflow articles. There's a workshop from Mark Huffman about lessons learnt from implementing workflow. There's another article about Lotus Integration and another describing the Business Object Repository.

www.softwarejobs.com/sap/sap81.html is dangerously out of date but if you still need persuading about using SAP Business Workflow then skim through this report.

www.sapfans.com contains a forum posting questions and getting answers about all Business Process Technology offerings. This is an alternative to the MIT listserver. but there are fewer postings.

SAPInfo article about MIT's use of WebFlow.

SAPInfo article about a Business Workflow solution integrated with Lotus Notes.

www.searchsap.com is an index to SAP resources including a section on WebFlow. They host chats and other web events.

SAPInfo.net (online) article about Wf-XML. (also in German)

The Author's SAP Insider Articles
Universal Workflow Access with the mySAP.com Workplace
The Many Faces of the Workflow Log
and many more...

A Pot Pouri of other  Links

www.e-workflow.org is a good workflow portal

www.schmidks.de is the web-site of another friend.

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