List of experts
The intention here is to include a list of expert consultancy companies with a proven track record for implementing SAP WebFlow/Business Workflow.
Unfortunately I cannot give any personal  guarantee as to whether the companies listed really are what they say they are. Nonetheless, this list might prove useful as a starting point when searching for suitable consultancy resources.

The prerequisite for inclusion in this list is having performed at least one successful SAP workflow project.

If you would like to submit your company for entry in this list please send me an e-mail including the name of a contact at the customer's site where you implemented workflow.  I will not disclose the name of this contact to third parties but I may use it myself to verify the fact that your company has implemented workflow at the customer's site. No reference to this customer will appear on this page.

This list will not be published until sufficient time has elapsed to give all experts a chance to request inclusion.