Get your Work Flowing
This site is a biblical plea to get your business workflow enabled.

The primary focus is SAP WebFlow (otherwise known as SAP Business Workflow) because this is what keeps me employed. But in principle any workflow is better than no workflow even if SAP Business Workflow is the best of the pack.

If you've never thought about this subject, it's worth taking a few minutes to learn what workflow can do.

Does your work flow or does it drip?
If you stop and look at the work you produce, you'll see that your work is part of a work chain involving other people around you. Think about how much overhead you have
coordinating your work with others,
making up for lost time because someone sat on the task for too long
finding out what has to be done next
finding out who is responsible for doing it
tracking the status of a task you've passed on to someone else
duplicating the work already done by one of your colleagues without your knowledge (My least favorite part of a project).

The more time you spend on these activities, the less your work flows. It's not just a question of inefficiency. It's a matter of going home at the end of the day  knowing that what you've accomplished that day won't rebound on you in two days time. It's finished, complete, and your mind is clear.

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